T minus…. Countdown to my EPIC ride.

Last week, I officially turned in my letter of resignation to my manager. I was flooded with mixed emotions from anxiety, confusion, uncertainty but mostly of excitement. Am I really gonna do this? Well, I am at the point of no return. This is happening and I couldn’t be happier. Three years in the making, I am about to  embark on a journey unlike any other that I have done.  My passion for motorcycles, travel and adventure has brought me to this day. In a couple days, I will be out of a job and for the next six months will be living on my motorcycle and whatever essentials I can fit in my 89 liter duffle.

My original plan was to take my BMW F800gs adventure bike. No doubt that this is what this bike was designed for, to circumnavigate the globe overland. I have had this bike for over 8 years and have outfitted it with everything necessary to make such a journey. But something caught my eye, an Italian classic beauty was tugging at my core.  Long story short, after 3 months of countless debates with friends but mostly with myself, I took home my new baby. A Moto Guzzi V7II Stornello will be my companion on my journey to the end of the earth “El Fin Del Mundo”.


Moto Guzzi V7 – Stornello. Doing some tests on dirt roads and altitude two up.

On Paper, it’s looks as though I have done everything necessary to prepare for the trip but mentally and emotionally it sure feels like I am missing something. Very much like every other trip I have taken, the minute you drive off, you get the sense that you have forgotten something. Most times it’s because I have and I am sure this trip will be no different. Regardless, something I just read put my mind at ease “Do it! Stop worrying and over planning. Leave and see where the road takes you.” So here goes nothing. Stay tuned and follow along on what should be an absolute blast.


2 thoughts on “T minus…. Countdown to my EPIC ride.

  1. Allen

    Ride safe brother! Going to be a special ride

  2. Dennis Gonzales

    Sent you a message on FB. Be safe and will keep track of your wonderful adventure.

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